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Did You Know?

Tickets on your record can increase your

insurance rates $350-$1,200 on avg per year.

We can make sure that doesn’t happen.

We Go To the Court, So You Don’t Have To

Don’t waste time going to court or missing work over a traffic ticket. Let us work for you!One of our experienced traffic ticket defense lawyers will go to court for you, fight to lower your court costs, and prevent your insurance premiums from rising (keeping it off your driving record).We will keep you connected to your case by sending regular updates. You have to simply log in to your account to view your ticket status.

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Experienced Traffic Ticket Lawyers

To hire a lawyer for a ticket is the best way to ensure you get the best possible outcome for your case.


Save Time With No Court

We understand time is your most valuable commodity, so don’t spend your time in court. A traffic defense lawyer can usually make all court appearances on your behalf.

We Keep Your Record Clean

Paying your ticket could mean a conviction against you, increased insurance rates, a suspended license, and possible DMV/DPS surcharges. We do whatever we can to make sure that doesn’t happen!


Dedicated Case Manager

Although you will have an entire team behind you, you will also have your own designated case manager to keep you fully informed about your case. Question? Message or call your case manager at any time!

We Handle Every Violation!


• Accident Tickets

• Speeding Tickets

• Possession of Drugs

• Failure to Appear Warrants

• All Traffic Tickets

• Running a Red Light

• No Insurance

• Open Containers

• Invalid Driver's License

• Commercial Truck Tickets

Do Not Plead Guilty or Pay Your Fine!

Here’s Why

Pleading guilty to your traffic ticket or paying the fine outright could be much more problematic in the long run.Pleading guilty or paying your fine could be a conviction for a traffic ticket, negatively impacting your driving record and bank account. Pleading guilty to a traffic violation can result in –

Paying an additional $350-$1,200 a year in increased insurance rates for the next three years, on average.


You might end up paying hundreds or thousands of dollars in DMV surcharges.


A suspended driver's license.


Paying a large fine and having the traffic ticket appear on your driving record.

But don’t worry, expert traffic citation lawyers at My Traffic Tickets can prevent insurance increases, a suspended driver’s license, and convictions on your driving record.

Here's Why Our Customers Choose Us

Great service and very successful!

Great service and very successful, I had two tickets and they were dismissed. The team and attorneys are great. I would recommend this company to anyone!!! San Antonio, Texas.

Beverly D.
3rd time using this company.

This company is 5 stars all the way and at a reasonable cost. Lots of options on the internet but if you want results use My Traffic Tickets for your police and court encounters.

Kenneth C.
Saved me over $400

Saved me over $400, a trip out of the city, a day off of work and it’s not even on my driving record! Thank you!!

Evelyn F.
The job was completed

The lawyers got the ticket dismissed, ticket was for 90 in a 55 trough Bastrop county. They followed up with me and kept me going through the status of the case until we got a result.

Fernando M.
I could not have asked for better…

I could not have asked for better results, they got me exactly what I needed. Thank you. You guys are life savers. You just saved my career!! I will use your services if I ever need them in the future. Thank you!!!

Kimberly K.
Happy truck driver

I was sketchy about them at first. There was a small mistake but they actually fixed it for me. I didn’t even have to go to court. And that is awesome because I am a truck driver and live in Virginia and my ticket was in Texas. They got the entire thing thrown out for me.

Brete D.
It was an awesome experience

It was an awesome experience. I really and truly sat back while my traffic tickets handled my speeding ticket. They explained it could take a while for the court to respond, which it did. A few months later my traffic tickets rep called to inform me that everything was dismissed, and I was good to go. PERFECT!!

Willis M.
Great experience choosing My Traffic Tickets

Great experience choosing My Traffic Tickets as my legal representation for a speeding violation. Prompt responses. Was able to accomplish everything online and by phone, including fine payment to the Austin Municipal Court. Was able to upload docs online to My Traffic Tickets. A very successful plea bargain was the result!

Neville L.
Very Pleased

Very pleased, they got my tickets dismissed 🙂

Amazing Service

Amazing service. I was in Texas on a business trip and received a speeding ticket. All the other lawyers I spoke to told me I would need to fly back to Texas to appear in court. My Traffic Tickets told me not to worry, they would handle everything. They had my case dismissed entirely. A++

Michell P.
Excellent Service!

Excellent service they handled everything all I did was pay and show up!!!!! I got a ticket for going 104mph on a 60mph freeway in Houston. They got the whole ticket dismissed! I hope I don’t get pulled over again but if I do I will be using this company. Thank you again!!!

D Moore
Easy Peasy

Easy peasy. I hired my traffic tickets almost a year ago for my cases. I had 3 citations on one ticket. Although it took about a year for them to resolve my tickets, the outcome was extremely favorable. They dismissed all of my cases and kept it away from my insurance. I ended up paying about $200 to the court, but well worth it.

Cal R.

Timely, took care of the issues and nothing on my record

Denny S.
MTT brought about complete resolution...

MTT brought about complete resolution to my ticket. I didn't have to pay the ticket or go to court and the ticket stays off my record. I highly recommend MTT to everyone who needs this type of help.

Hannah C.
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